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$99.00 / On Sale

The PIONEER Package

For a limited time, we're making available a special Wild + Free offering to benefit the new Wild + Free Village Farm Center. You'll receive $150 of value for just $99. The package includes:

+ PIONEER Content Bundle - "best-of" prairie-themed content from our past bundles
+ PIONEER Print Magazine - a sampling of the PIONEER bundle sent to your mailbox
+ Nashville Conference Media - audio and video from our National Conference on Sept 29-30
+ Wild + Free 'Day Sheet' Notepad - 50 sheets on premium paper to help guide your day
+ HANDCRAFTS Book - 128 pages of handcrafts from three years of content bundles
+ Wild + Free Soundtrack - downloadable tracks from our favorite musical artists

This package will be offered at no other time in the future, and there are only 450 packages available. All proceeds will benefit the Wild + Free Village Farm Center. See below for the delivery schedule of each item.


This package is made-up of both digital and physical product, as well as content that won't be available until October. However, we've set-up a delivery to send all of the items to you over the next several months:

You'll receive immediate access to the PIONEER content bundle and Wild + Free soundtrack

We'll ship you the HANDCRAFTS book, the PIONEER print sampler, and the Day Sheets Notepad

When the Nashville conference is over, we'll edit the content and send you the audio and video files

Because the proceeds go toward helping us purchase land for the Village Farm Center, we'll also send you a few updates on our progress as well.