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BEGINNINGS Content Bundle


BEGINNINGS Content Bundle
Volume 2, Issue 2

This bundle is a celebration of a new start to the homeschool year. It's packed full of articles, how-tos, downloads, a podcast, tutorials, and other resources. Here's what this digital bundle includes:

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+ Podcast with Toni Weber and Emily Waechtler
+ Black Beauty Book Club with Jennifer Naraki
+ Getting Off To A Great Start by Toni Weber
+ Handwriting Without Tears by Bethany Douglass
+ Four Ideas to Guide Your Year by Ginger Unzueta
+ Gentle Reading For Busy Kids by Jennifer Pepito
+ Urban Exploring by Jillian Ragsdale
+ The World is Our Classroom by Greta Eskridge
+ Nature Study: A Return to Wonder by Calli Birch
+ Nature Study Schedule by Calli Birch
+ Nature Journal by Kristin Rogers
+ Learning Styles with Ainsley Arment
+ September Calendar Print by Karen Stott

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