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BELONG Bundle (Printed Box Set)


BELONG Content Bundle - (Printed Box Set)
Bundle 50

In commemoration our 50th content bundle, we printed the entire bundle in a limited-edition box set with 24 mini-collections. Each publication is printed on premium paper, bound as individual magazines, and shrink wrapped for protection. Note: Actual box will be a white literature mailer, rather than brown box with lid shown in photo.

Only 250 available.

Here's what this printed bundle includes:

+ 50 Bundles of Belonging by Ainsley Arment
+ The Dinosaur under our Driveway by Sarah Fremont
+ A Place to Belong by Rachel Kovac
+ A Sense of Place by Suzi Kern
+ Belonging through Books by Leah Boden
+ Bread Making by Erika Yung
+ Children Belong by Alisha Miller
+ Confessions of a Conference Goer by Jennifer Naraki
+ Finding Where you Belong by Sharon McKeeman
+ Finding your Homeschool Style by Jessica Telian
+ Finding your Tribe by Brit Chambers
+ Forest Games by Rachael Alsbury
+ Heart to Heart by Elsie Iudicello
+ Homeschooling in the Midst of Grief by Andrea Pratt
+ How my Family Fell in Love with Bluegrass by Jennifer Dees
+ The Intentional Mama by Amy Hughes
+ Keeping a Travel Journal by Naomi Ovando
+ Keeping Chickens by Kristin Rogers
+ Learning from our Community by Jennifer Pepito
+ Mama Culture by Jillian Ragsdale
+ Math: Digging for Deeper Understanding by Holly Doden
+ Mountain Schooling by Katrien Van Deuren
+ Raising Readers by Greta Eskridge
+ Somewhere to Belong by Hannah Mayo
+ Tribe so Hard by Ashley Scobey