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CULTIVATE Content Bundle


CULTIVATE Content Bundle
Bundle 56

PLEASE NOTE: You can get Wild + Free content bundles by subscribing at bewildandfree.org for $19/month. Plus, all monthly subscribers receive a print sampler in the mail and access to our conference audio and video. Cancel any time.

This digital content bundle is full of encouraging and practical digital resources for homeschooling mamas. This downloadable bundle is packed full of articles, podcasts, special sections, tutorials, and other special features.

NOTE: The video tutorials are not included in this download. You can get access those videos by becoming a subscriber at bewildandfree.org.

Here's what this digital bundle includes:

+ Nature Treasure Wind Chimes By Leah Damon
+ Web of Connections By Alisha Miller
+ The Family Garden By Carol Ann Sartell
+ Finding Community After a Move By Brit Chambers
+ Getting Started in Nature Journaling by Kristin Rogers
+ MP3: Jillian Ragsdale Conversation
+ Schooling for a Season by Hannah Mayo
+ Cultivating Health by Jennifer Naraki
+ The Thing About Words by Amy Hughes
+ Cultivating a Love of Poetry by Elsie Iudicello
+ MP3: The Hunts Interview
+ Homemade Tortillas by Erika Yung
+ Bird Adoration by Jennifer Dees
+ Yellow Headed Blackbird by Katie Okanski
+ Painting with Nature by Rachael Alsbury
+ Mixed Media Art by Shannon Mooers
+ Savoring Motherhood by Jillian Ragsdale
+ Cocoa Mint Lip Balm by Rachel Kovac
+ Childhood Preservation by Sara Ernst
+ MP3: Susan Wise Bauer Interview
+ Foraging Mural Tutorial by Lea Wu
+ Good Books Lead the Way by Lis McCachren Mitchell
+ Belonging at Home by Toni Weber
+ Starting a Wild + Free Group by Sharon McKeeman
+ Growing into a Nature Mama by Renee Huston
+ Cultivating Patience (and Mushrooms) by Suzi Kern
+ Cultivate Space by Leah Boden

When you buy this bundle, you will receive two emails. The first will be an order confirmation, and the second will be the digital product - a zip file containing all of the contents.

Because of the large size, we recommending downloading it onto a computer and then sharing the individual files to your mobile devices.