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HOMEBOUND Activity Kit

$29.00 / On Sale

A Downloadable Activity Kit

Learn more at: bewildandfree.org/homebound

PLEASE NOTE: This digital content is full of encouraging and practical digital resources for homeschooling families. This downloadable bundle is packed full of articles, podcasts, special sections, tutorials, and other special features.

When you purchase this bundle, you will receive two emails. The first will be an order confirmation and the second will be the digital product - a zip file containing all of the contents.

Because of the large size, we recommend downloading it onto a computer and then sharing the individual files to your mobile devices.

Here's what this digital bundle includes:

+ Game-Schooling by Stephanie Beaty
+ Playful Learning Podcast with Stephanie Beaty
+ Creating a Bird Habitat by Jodi Mockabee
+ Nature Crafts by Raimie Harrison
+ Painting Wet on Wet by Jodi Mockabee
+ Dramatic Play by Jennifer Naraki
+ A Story Party by Raimie Harrison
+ Five Ways to Ignite Imaginations by Suzi Kern
+ Vanilla Extract Tutorial by Rachel Kovac
+ Campfire Play Set by Raimie Harrison
+ Pasta Making by Katrien Van Deuren
+ The Gift of Gardening by Jennifer Dees
+ An Audio Story by Elsie Iudicello
+ Nature Journaling the Human Body by Kristin Rogers
+ Treasures of Teatime by Jennifer Dees
+ History Timeline Scroll by Betsy Jenkins
+ A Family Culture of Board Games by Nettie Gallagher
+ Healthy Cinnamon Cookies by Jillian Ragsdale
+ Naturalists of the Night by Winnie Hughes
+ Springtime Nature Hunt & Craft by Rachael Alsbury
+ Starting a Farmers Market by Jennifer Naraki
+ Mud Painting by Jillian Ragsdale
+ How a Garden Grows by Kristin Rogers
+ Day Camping by Chloe Wickizer
+ Nature Fair by Winnie Hughes
+ Wandering Close to Home by Hannah Mayo
+ Wandering into Discovery by Suzi Kern
+ Savoring a Nature Walk by Kristin Rogers
+ Unstructured Art by Hannah Mayo
+ The Family Garden by Carol Ann Sartell
+ Homemade Tortillas by Erika Yung
+ Easter Grass by Erika Yung
+ Garden Markers Tutorial by Lea Wu
+ Gardening at Home Podcast with Jennifer Dees