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KINSHIP Content Bundle


KINSHIP Content Bundle
Volume 3, Issue 10

PLEASE NOTE: You can get Wild + Free content bundles by subscribing at www.wildandfree.co for $19/month. Cancel any time.

This digital content bundle is all about finding community in your homeschool experience. The bundle is packed full of articles, podcasts, special sections, tutorials, and other special features.

Here's what this digital bundle includes:

+ New Wild + Free Podcast
+ KINSHIP Magazine PDF
- How Literature Prepares Children for College by Rea Berg
- Building a Community by Jennifer Pepito
- First Things First by Sharon McKeeman
- The Power of Personality by Leah Boden
- Your Elusive “Best Way” by Jessica Telian
- Love That Multiplies by Rachel Kovac
+ Nature Journaling People with Kristin Rogers
+ Fostering Ecological Identity by Amanda Johns
+ Homeschooling Teens by Bethany Douglass
+ Podcast With Zane Kathryne Schwaiger
+ Kinship in the Garden by Zane Kathryne Schwaiger
+ Wild + Free Groups by Jillian Ragsdale
+ Nature Crafts by Raimie Harrison
+ Podcast with Maria Gervase
+ Painting Wet on Wet by Jodi Mockabee
+ Parallel Learning Spaces by Elsie Iudicello
+ KINSHIP Print Sampler PDF

When you buy this bundle, you will receive two emails. The first will be an order confirmation, and the second will be the digital product - a zip file containing all of the contents.

Because of the large size, we recommending downloading it onto a computer and then sharing the individual files to your mobile devices.