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STARGAZING Content Bundle


STARGAZING Content Bundle
Volume 2, Issue 11

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ALSO: This individual bundle purchase does NOT include the Long Beach conference recordings. Those are available to subscribers at wildandfree.co

This digital content bundle is devoted to star gazing, identifying constellations, and helping children dream of the future! It's packed full of articles, special content sections, two podcasts, a notebooking guide, a terrarium tutorial and other helpful and inspiring resources.

Here's what this digital bundle includes:

+ Stargazing Magazine
-- Star Travelers | Sharon McKeeman
-- Moon Phase Finders | Danielle Ayers Jones
-- A Visit to the Observatory | Tysha Carter
-- Summertime Reading | Jennifer Pepito
-- A Midsummer Night's Party | Jessica Mueller
-- Worry Less, Dream More | Ainsley Arment | Kirsty Larmour
+ Podcast with Rea Berg | Jennifer Pepito
+ Dreamers & Stargazers | Various Wild & Free Children
+ Man of the Family Book Club by Jennifer Dees | Jennifer Naraki
+ Thriving Through Simple Environments | Jodi Mockabee
+ Nature Journaling the Stars | Kristin Rogers
+ Adventurous Eater Boot Camp | Hannah Newton
+ Stargazing Print Sampler in PDF
+ Wild Explorers Magazine in PDF
+ Audio Interviews with Conference Attendees
+ Audio Recording of Danielle Bennett at Conference

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