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Whole Families Book

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Whole Families Book
By Jodi Mockabee

Our newest print collection includes 80 pages of practical yet soul-filling content from Jodi Mockabee's contributions to the Wild + Free Content Bundles. The proceeds from this beautiful one-of-a-kind book will benefit A Place to Run Wild + Free (bewildandfree.org/give).

We’re printing these coffee-table-quality books on premium 100lb text paper in a beautiful 8.5 x 11" perfect-bound format with 80 pages. It’s as much a keepsake a practical guide.

Here's what's included:

+ The Art of Notebooking
+ Morning Collective
+ Thriving Through Simple Environments
+ Creating A Bird Habitat Raising
+ A Whole Child
+ Our Family Vision Statement
+ More Time as A Family
+ The Homeschooling Father
+ Mentoring Moms
+ The Non-Committal Literary Society
+ Learning Through Touch
+ Freedom Schooling
+ Summer School
+ Our Preschool Journey
+ Painting Wet on Wet
+ Nature Notebooking
+ Nurturing Through Nature