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Wild + Free NATURE Book


Wild and Free Nature is a beautiful, four-color book for parents, educators, and caregivers to enjoy doing hands-on activities outside with their kids.

One of the core philosophies behind Wild + Free is the belief that nature is the best classroom we could ever hope for. It unlocks the imagination and inspires creativity in ways that a schoolroom never could.

This resource book will help equip parents and adults who work with children to get them outdoors with activities such as:

+ Build a tree house in the woods.
+ Cultivate a garden plot.
+ Make land art and nature crafts.
+ Create a mud kitchen in the backyard.
+ Go for a nature walk each morning.
+ Find a secret swimming hole.
+ Go to the creek to learn about the water cycle.
+ Plant a garden to see what will grow in your backyard.
+ Raise monarch caterpillars until they transform into butterflies.
+ Set up a bird watching station in your front window
+ Make a wilderness fort with the fallen branches from trees.

With the same lush photography as The Call of the Wild + Free, this book includes step-by-step pictures that show parents how to do the activity, and essays on the importance of nature in a child's life.

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