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WOODLAND Content Bundle


WOODLAND Content Bundle
Volume 2, Issue 3

This bundle is an exploration of the mysteries, surprises and off-beaten paths of homeschooling. It's packed full of articles, how-tos, downloads, a podcast, tutorials, and other resources. Here's what this digital bundle includes:

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+ "Homeschool Hacks" section by 11 homeschooling mamas
+ Nature Journaling For Those Who Don't Enjoy It
+ October illustrated Calendar by Karen Stott
+ Book Club tutorial by Raimie Harrison
+ Woodland digital magazine with these articles:
-- The Richness of Real Life Learning by Toni Weber
-- The Homeschool Experiment by Kate Saffle
-- Coming Back to Why by Elizabeth Perryman
-- Science in the Early Years by Jennifer Pepito
-- The Salt Project by Stephanie Read
-- Cooking with Kids by Kelsey King
+ "Preparing For College" Section by Bethany Douglass
+ Podcast with Jennifer Pepito and Michelle Garrels

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